Restaurants on Svalbard

02 Funken Lodge Restaurant Hotel Longyearbyen Agurtxane Concellon toppbilder
Funktionærmessen Restaurant
Inspired by an international kitchen, and the best produce, a great culinary experience awaits you.
Radisson blu Polarhotel Agurtxane Concellon new renovated restaurant bar nansen_2
Restaurant Nansen
We’ve gathered the best produce from the Arctic region, and combined them with Asian flavors.
Radisson blu Polarhotel Agurtxane Concellon_new_bar_pizza_longyearbyen
Barentz Gastropub
Delicious pubfood with an Arctic twist. Try our great pizzas, burgers or ice cold beer.
02 Funken Lodge Bar Hotel Longyearbyen Agurtxane Concellon toppbilder
Funken Bar
Funken Bar offers beautiful drinks and a selection of dishes.
01 Funken Lodge Champagne tasting Restaurant hotel longyearbyen Agurtxane Concellon toppbilder
Champagne tasting
Longyearbyen’s old alcohol store is full of exclusive vintages, including over 70 varieties of Champagne.
The old "Nordpolet"
The cellar boasts over 70 varieties of Champagne, making it possibly Norway’s largest selection.
02 Coal Miners Cabin Bar&Grill Restaurant hotel longyearbyen Agurtxane Concellon toppbilder
Coal Miners’ Bar & Grill
Relaxed atmosphere, comfortable arm chairs and juicy burgers are just of few of the things we have on offer in the old ‘stormessa’ the miners’ mess hall.

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