When do you want to travel?

Summer on Svalbard

Beautiful Svalbard in summer

May — September

Experience Svalbard during the bright summer months. The midnight sun gives you endless possibilities to experience Svalbard 24 hours a day!

Northern Lights on Svalbard

Experience the northern lights

October - February

The dark season is everything but that when the skies explode in fifty shades of green. During the polar night you can see the Aurora Borealis both day and night.

Winter in Svalbard

Svalbard winter wonderland

March - May

During the light winter from March to May, Svalbard offers plenty of amazing experiences in the wilderness. Snowmobiling, dog sledding or culinary delights in one of the many restaurants, welcome to the perfect winter holiday.


Accommodation on Svalbard

NOK 690,-

With three unique hotels in Longyearbyen, we're sure you'll find your personal favourite on Svalbard.

About Svalbard

About Svalbard
As a last stop before the North Pole, formerly an Arctic outpost, now an exotic tourist destination - here are some quick facts about Svalbard.
Ha base på Coal Miners' Cabins og gå rett ut i naturen
14 tips before travelling to Svalbard
Be prepared and get the most out of your trip! Here are some great tips before travelling to Svalbard!
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When to travel
Get tips on when to should travel to Svalbard!

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