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Christmas party on Svalbard

Leave the office and step out into the wilderness. If you host the office Christmas party on Svalbard, it will be a memorable experience for your whole team. You can leave your high heels and tie at home, on Svalbard snowmobile suits rock the dance floor!

Christmas party in the wilderness

This year, you can reward committed colleagues with a Christmas party out of the ordinary. On Svalbard we know how to put on a show, and combined with an exciting activity package, this will be an extra-ordinary experience for you and your colleagues. Totally stress-free, and with lots of good memories, are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?!

As the northern lights are fluttering in the sky above you, deadlines, open landscapes and clean-desk policies are all forgotten. To organise the office Christmas party on Svalbard is a great way to reward your colleagues, and it helps your co-workers bond, reload and get inspiration for another great year at work.

Bring your friends

Hurtigruten Svalbard can also tailor Christmas parties for groups of friends or family. Are you ready for a unique celebration at 78 degrees north? Contact us today on for a chat!

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