Group Work-holiday Teambuilding Snowmobile Excursion Svalbard Agurtxane-Concellon Landscape-1920x1080



Whether you are the head of a small company, or responsible for a massive conglomerate, you know how important it is to have engaged and loyal staff who enjoy their jobs. More and more companies choose to have kick-offs or to take team building tours to kick start a new financial year, and we can help you give your staff an unforgettable experience on Svalbard.

We are a full service provider, and can organise everything from flights and hotels to transport, meals and activities. Let us help you organise your next meeting, Christmas party - or maybe wedding - on Svalbard!

Arctic-wilderness-evening Camp-Barentz Agurtxane-Concellon Landscape 1920x1080 01
Conference with an Arctic touch
Bring your employees and colleagues to Svalbard for the ultimate conference experience.
Christmas-table Christmas-party Dining Funken-Lodge Funktionærmessen-Restaurant Dining Agurtxane-Concellon
Christmas party on Svalbard
Let us help you host the office Christmas party. You can leave your high heels and tie at home, on Svalbard snowmobile suits rock the dance floor!
Group Work-holiday Teambuilding Snowmobile Excursion Svalbard Agurtxane-Concellon Landscape-1920x1080
Svalbard is the perfect meeting arena. Work through the important details, fill the day with exciting activities, and have the space and time to get to know your colleagues a little better.
Group Work-holiday Teambuilding Wilderness-evening Camp-Barentz Svalbard Agurtxane-Concellon Landscape-1920x1080
The perfect challenge for colleagues, friends and family.

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