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Coal Miners' Bar & Grill

Welcome to a great lunch or dinner at the Coal Miners’ Bar & Grill. Relaxed atmosphere, comfortable arm chairs and hearty foods are just of few of the things on offer in this old miners’ mess hall. The chefs prepare a selection of warming dishes, such as cheese fondue, vegetarian and vegan dishes, in addition to their famous and juicy burger.

Inviting atmosphere, delicious food

The mess hall opened in 1948, and it was here the miners’ meals were served. They worked three shifts, meaning the mess hall was always open. In the 1960s, a dairy was established in the cellar of the building. The miners also had their showers, and an office where they collected their post and wages.

We dare to suggest that the generous portions served today would have been well received by the miners of the past, after a long day in the coal seam. Today, a meal at Coal Miners’ Bar & Grill is perfect for the modern explorer after a long day out in the wilds of Svalbard.

Opening hours

Restaurant: 15:00 pm – 10:00 pm (Mon-Sun)

Bar: 12:00 noon – 02:00 am (Mon-Sun)

Contact us

+47 79 02 62 00