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MS Nordstjernen

Join the world's most beautiful voyage to 80 degrees north. With MS Nordstjernen, we explore the amazing north-west side of Spitsbergen, which is dominated by sharp mountain peaks, majestic glaciers and a unique wildlife.

A historic ship

MS Nordstjernen is named after the North Star or Stella Polaris, famous for helping seafarers find their way back home and the Vikings to navigate the north. She was built for the Coastal Voyage fleet in 1956 and extensively modernised in 2000 for exclusive arctic sailing. Today, she takes explorers on adventures in the waters around Spitsbergen. Despite modernisation, she still retains the aura of an old Atlantic ship, restored to her former splendour with new brass, classic wooden interiors and all her original art. Out on deck, you'll be up close and personal to the untouched nature of the Polar Arctic. With cover over a lot of the deck space, you'll enjoy being outside even in rough weather.

The world's most beautiful journey

Welcome to the kingdom of the midnight sun! Are you ready for a journey that will take your breath away? With MS Nordstjernen you get to experience the most beautiful part of Spitsbergen and a unique wildlife. Our skilled guides will ensure that you learn a lot along the way and you will, among other things, hear about the discovery of Svalbard, trapping history and wildlife. We do daily landings on fantastic beaches, explore majestic glaciers and sail up to 80 degrees north. In other words, you get to experience quite a lot in a few days.

If you want to get a little insight into life on board, you can watch our short Nordstjernen film here.

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You can choose between a 3-day or a 4-day journey with MS Nordstjernen. Read more about each individual trip here.

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To book the MS Nordstjernen you must contact Hurtigruten. You can call +47 810 30 000 or send an email to

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