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Experience the Midnight Sun on Svalbard

Get your sunglasses and get ready for 24 hours of midnight sun! Only 1300 kilometres from the North Pole you will find Norway's most exciting wildlife, and this summer you can get up close with these Arctic animals.

Save up to 20% by choosing a package offer

We have put together three different package offers that guarantee you the ultimate summer holiday on Svalbard.

The packages include accommodation, dinner and activities. By choosing a package offer, you save up to 20% compared to booking accommodation, dinner and activities separately.

Pack your suitcase, Norway's Arctic pearl awaits!

Funken Lodge Lounge - Hurtigruten Svalbard - Photo Ragnhild Utne

Midnight Sun Magic at Funken Lodge

A luxurious stay at our tasteful boutique hotel with a fantastic view of Longyearbyen. Includes 4 nights, a boat tour and a 3-course gourmet dinner. Price from €725. You save 20%

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Summer Adventure at Radisson

Stay right in the center of Longyearbyen at the world's northernmost Radisson hotel. Includes 4 nights, two dinners, a bout tour and sightseeing with electric bike. Price from €786. You save 12 %

Fottur HGR 120006 1920 Foto Agurtxane Concellon

Summer at Coal Miners' Cabins

For those who want to stay with the wilderness and glaciers right outside the door. Includes 3 nights, a bout tour and a dinner at Coal Miners’ Bar & Grill. Price from €345. You save 11 %