Welcome to Restaurant Nansen! We’ve gathered the best produce from the Arctic region, and combined them with Asian flavours. Asian fusion is one of the biggest food trends in the world, and you can look forward to culinary delights whilst enjoying the views of the surrounding fjords and mountains.

Restaurant Nansen's new menu is based on the Asian fusion concept. Here, we only use the best local produce and combine it with delicious Asian flavours. An amazing taste combination that must be experienced! The windows in the restaurant are made larger, and even more tables overlook the nearby mountains.

The food is top notch, but the atmosphere is informal, and you’re welcome to come in your snowmobile gear, straight from the wild.


Read our menu here.

Opening hours


12pm - 5pm


6pm - 11pm

Kontakt oss

Tel: +47 79 02 34 50


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