Huset was designed by Jacob Hansen who was also the architect for the Colloseum cinema in Oslo. The mining company Store Norske began building in 1948 and Huset opened its doors in October, 1951. The house was centrally located in the valley and was therefore called the heart of the city.

Nordic tasting menu

The food in the restaurant is characterized by Nordic techniques and tasting combinations, with ingredients coming mainly from Svalbard and the arctic region.

In collaboration with trappers and hunters at Farmhamna, Bellsund and Akseløya, we receive local Svalbard produce, such as bearded seal, reindeer and ptarmigan.

The menu is a journey through Svalbard and Huset story. Told with 14 servings in our seasonally adaptive menu. Depending on what our wonderful nature has to offer.

We will do our very best to accommodate to all allergies, but we will not be able to adjust on last minute. Please, let us know any type of diet or allergy at least 48 hours before.

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Wine cellar

Huset has one of Scandinavia's largest wine cellars with over 15.000 bottles. Former proprietor Hroar Holm started the wine collection in the 80`s and it is today operated by our sommeliers. We offer set tastings as well as tailored tastings after your own preferences.

Huset's wine list has since 2006 been awarded "Best of Award of Excellence" from Wine Spectator. A "Wine Glass" rating, from Wine Spectator has the same status in the world of wine as Michelin stars has within fine dining.
Wine Spectator awards one, two or three glasses of wine around the world to distinguish themselves. Huset prides itself with its current "Two Wine Glass" rating.


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