Longyearbyen’s old alcohol store is full of exclusive vintages, including over 70 varieties of Champagne. Book a Champagne tasting at Det gamle Nordpolet!

Exclusive tasting

In the cellar of Funken Lodge, you can find Det gamle Nordpolet. This is where the miners and office staff collected their quota of alcohol. The only reason the miners had for entering this
building was to collect their drinks for the week. The alcohol store was one of the few places where people met on neutral ground, in what was otherwise a town of strict class boundaries.

In recent times, the old alcohol store from 1954 has been renovated for wine and champagne tasting, and you can test some quite exclusive drops. The cellar boasts over 70 varieties of Champagne, making it possibly Norway’s largest selection. The collection includes a large range of producers, in addition to many quite exceptional bottles – including grand vintages not found any where else in Norway.

Our sommelier will tell you about the different champagnes we will taste, and your tastebuds will be both challenged and expanded. The atmosphere is intimate and you have the opportunity to ask questions and get recommendations from the sommelier. Welcome!



NOK 895,- per person

Number of people

Minimum 2, max. 8 people. Larger groups can be booked on request. For larger groups, another room will be used.


Tasting of three champagnes and canapees


1 hour


Funken Lodge: Tlf. 79 02 62 00 or email info@hurtigrutensvalbard.com

What you should know
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