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MS Nordstjernen – Offer for Locals

Join the world's most beautiful voyage to 80 degrees north. With MS Nordstjernen, we explore the amazing north-west side of Spitsbergen, which is dominated by sharp mountain peaks, majestic glaciers and a unique wildlife.

MS Nordstjernen offer for locals

As per usual, we are offering some good opportunities for any locals who would like to experience this beautiful voyage. Who is a local? Well, if you live on Svalbard and have an alchohol ration card, then you and your kids are locals. Some join us for a single sailing, but many come back to Nordstjernen year after year. We look forward to seeing you onbard.

Important information

In order to make use of your special deal for locals, there is a certain procedure you must follow. The details for this procedure are included below.

Bookings can be made no earlier than 30 days before the departure date, and no later than 8 days before the departure date.

How to book and get the discount?

  1. Call +47 377 15 462 to make your booking

  2. After you have made your booking, you are required to email a photo or scan of your alcohol ration card to, along with your booking number, within 3 days

  3. If the ration card for validation is not received within the specified time frame, the booking will be switched to a standard rate

  4. For bookings <7 days before departure, please contact

Price for locals in July and August 2024:

CRUISE 3-NIGHTS (Lyr-Lyr): NOK 6.990,-/pp (USP) or 7.990,-/pp (USPO)

CRUISE 4-NIGHTS (Lyr-Lyr): NOK 9.290,-/pp (USP) or 10.490,-/pp (USPO)

USP = unspecified cabin lowest available

USPO = unspecified cabin with private facilities and window

Note: Prices are per person for two or more persons travelling together. If you are travelling alone, there is an additional 30% fee added to the total price.

See the details of each voyage here:

Cruise 3-nights & itinerary (the offer for locals is cruise only, meaning that only the program during the sailing Monday-Thursday is included)

Cruise 4-nights & itinerary (the offer for locals is cruise only, meaning that only the program during the sailing Thursday-Monday is included)

Offer is also valid for children or teens in your household if you book on their behalf and as long as you are also going.

Boarding Information:

There is some parking in the harbor if you want to drive, otherwise you can book a taxi.

On the Monday departure, all passengers must be on board at 12:00 at the latest, MS Nordstjernen departs at 13:00.

Arrival time in Longyearbyen on Thursday is 10:00.

On the Thursday departure, all passengers must be on board no later than 16:00, MS Nordstjernen departs at 17:00.

Arrival time in Longyearbyen on Monday is 09:00.

We welcome you to join the world's most beautiful voyage!