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Spitsbergen Coast to Coast

Difficulty level
Suitable for those with average fitness
4 days
Age limit
18 years
April – May
If you like cross country skiing and are curious of what a polar expedition is like, this 40 km long ski trip is the perfect introduction. During the course of four days, we will cross the glaciers of the main island Spitsbergen, from west to east.

The expedition starts with a snowmobile transfer from Longyearbyen to Tempelfjorden. We drive about 65 kilometres, and even though the ski trip hasn’t really begun yet, the wilderness experience most certainly has! It is a beautiful ride. Your guide decides the best drop-off location at Tempelfjorden and, once arrived, we are on our own. When the motor sound of the returning snowmobiles has faded out, it is just endless, snow-covered wilderness around us. We put on our skis and set course for the east.

Throughout our journey towards the east, our route takes us past massive glaciers, with beautiful nunataks like Panoramaberget and Skinnluva which press up from the ice. Nunatak is a Inuit word, and means ‘mountain which comes through a glacier’. They are free from ice, since the snow on them gets blown away, and they stay pointy, since the ice cannot reach them to wear them down. Around the nunataks however, the ice can be several hundred metres thick. 

As we will sleep in tents, we will take shifts during the night to do polar bear watch. Since the sun never sets at this time of year, you will get a truly unique experience of the midnight sun, sitting awake and just taking in the peaceful moment.

On the last day, we arrive at the east coast: one of the locations with a great chance to spot wildlife. Here we get transferred back to Longyearbyen with snowmobile.


Please note that you must be in Longyearbyen the day before the program starts.

Day 1
Your guide will meet you and your fellow expedition members at the hotel reception at 10:00 am. We then head down to our expedition centre, to get ready for the upcoming adventure together. Your guide will give the group a thorough briefing, we’ll pack our pulkas, and go through all the equipment. You will also receive an introduction to the use of the camp kitchen, pulkas and tents.

Then we will be transported by snowmobile from Longyearbyen to Tempelfjorden. Here we put on our skis and set course for the east towards the glacier Von Postbreen. This is where we will set up camp for the night.

Day 2
We will generally break camp at around 09:00 am each day, and set up a new camp at 4:00–5:00 pm in the evening. This means that every day will be a full day of skiing, but we will make some stops along the way to eat, drink, and enjoy the majestic landscape.

Today we continue up and across the massive glacier Von Postbreen. Up at the pass, we will reach 659 m above sea level. As we head to the east, our route takes us past massive glaciers, with beautiful mountains which press up from the ice. We will set up camp for the night at the pass at Panoramaberget, with a fantastic view towards Von Postbreen.

Day 3
Today’s stretch will take us down the glacier, Hayesbreen, and we will make our last camp at the base of it. If we are lucky, we may see the King of the Arctic – the polar bear – somewhere in the distance.

Day 4
On the fourth and last day, we will reach the coast line again. We arrive at the bay Mohnbukta, where we follow the massive glacier front. This is a really impressive nature experience. Around lunch time, we will be met by our kind colleagues on snowmobiles, who will give us a ride back to Longyearbyen again.

Please note: All times can be changed. The program may be adjusted on short notice, should weather or snow conditions require it. The tempo on the expedition will be set according to the conditions and the participants’ physical strength.

Price Information

Included in the price:

  • Meals during the tour

  • Shared equipment: cooking equipment, snow shovels, glacier equipment, primus, fuel

  • Tent

  • Sleeping mat

  • Pulk and pulk harness

  • Experienced guides with all necessary safety equipment

  • Search and rescue insurance

  • Transport from Longyearbyen to Tempelfjorden

  • Transport from Mohnbukta to Longyearbyen

You will share a tent with one other person. Single tent only on request.

Not included:

  • Flights

  • Accommodation and meals in Longyearbyen

  • Sleeping bag

  • Personal skiing equipment including skis, poles, boots and skins (randonnee equipment is not allowed)

  • Personal clothing and equipment

  • Beer/wine/soft drinks

  • Travel insurance

You will be sent an equipment list prior to departure. Remember that Svalbard is tax and duty free, so you can always buy quality equipment in our shops in Longyearbyen.

Price & availability
  • 40 kilometres on skis with pulk

  • Three nights in tent

  • Mandatory polar bear watch

from NOK 15 995

per person

Practical information
Cancellation and rebooking