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A Historic Walk in Adventdalen

Difficulty level
Suitable for most
3 hours
Age limit
8 years
Oct - Jan
Imagine life before modern society came to Svalbard. The loneliness, the challenges, and the beautiful landscape. Picture spending the whole dark season in a small cabin many miles from another human being. On this walk, you will gain insight into the hardships faced by the people of Svalbard and understand their deep affection for the wilderness and the reasons they chose to live this way. From the early days of the trappers to a more modern way of living, we will guide you through "A Historic Walk in Adventdalen."

History, Wilderness, Science, and Culture

We will start the trip in Adventdalen (Advent Valley) and continue on foot into the wilderness. Your guide will share stories about Svalbard, from the history of the trappers to the coal mining era, and into a more modern lifestyle that incorporates research, science, and tourism as ways of living on this island.

As we wander through the Arctic tundra, you will gain a better understanding of this life and appreciate how it was to live so far north in this season. We will also delve into the scientific endeavors that have shaped our understanding of the Arctic climate and environment, highlighting the crucial role of Svalbard in global climate research.

If the tour takes place in the dark, guests will be equipped with headlamps, making the experience both safe and magical under the Arctic night sky.