8 days

Join us on an expedition to Ny-Ålesund. This tour has it all - incredible landscapes, glacier faces and unique wilderness, and the tour ends up in the historical settelment Ny-Ålesund.


Heading to Ny-Ålesund in the north, we will pass through the most fantastic glacial landscape between the Isfjord and the Kongsfjord. At this time of year the sun never goes down, enabling us to explore the landscape both day and night. On the way from Borebukta to Ny-Ålesund each day will bring new adventures.


After a night in Longyearbyen, we will board a boat heading to Borebukta. Once we arrive there, all that is left to do is to fasten our skis and head into Trollheimen - an incredible area between the Isfjord and the Kongsfjord, far away from civilisation and everyday life. This region is well off the beaten track, and there is little chance of meeting snowmobiles here! Meaning you can enjoy the unique silence that is only found in the high Arctic.


During the course of six days we will head through varied terrain, in the midst of Svalbard’s unique wilderness. Since the midnight sun shines twenty four hours a day, we can take even the longest stages at a comfortable pace. The route will take us over the massive glaciers towards Kongsvegen, with a new campsite each night. On our last skiing day, we will arrive in the fantastic Kongsfjord, where a boat awaits to transport us to Ny-Ålesund and then on to Longyearbyen the next day.


Day 1
The guide will meet you in the reception at the hotel. A welcome and information meeting will be held here, before we head down to our stores. Once there, we will go through the equipment, pack our pulkas and receive instructions for use of the cooking equipment, pulkas and tent. There will be time for a quick visit to the shops and adjustment of gear if required. Accommodation is included.

Day 2
Breakfast and check out before 10:00 am. Any baggage you are not taking with you can be left in our baggage room. Be sure to fill your thermoses with hot water during breakfast. We will be picked up at 10:00 am, and driven down to our Expedition Centre where there will be a quick briefing before our transport over the Isfjord to Borebukta. Now the adventure really begins, are you ready?

Day 3 to 6
During the next few days we will ski through the magnificent glacier landscape, Trollheimen, in Oscar II Land. How far we come each day will depend on the snow and conditions, but we wil generally break camp at around 10:00 am, and set up a new camp at 5:00 - 6:00 pm in the evening. This means every day will be a full day of skiing, but we will make some stops along the way to eat, drink, and enjoy the majestic landscape.

Day 7
On the seventh day we will arrive at the Kongsfjord, where we will be picked up by boat. We will be transported to Ny-Ålesund, where we will enjoy a guided tour in the little town before we head back on board.

Day 8
We will arrive in Longyearbyen at 10:00am. The expedition is over, unless you wish to stay a little longer, and explore more of Longyearbyen and its surrounds. Thank you for the trip, and we hope to see you again soon!

All times can be changed. The tour programme may be adjusted underway, should weather or snow conditions require it. The tempo on the expedition will be set according to the conditions and the participants’ physical strength.

Price information

Price includes:

  • Accommodation in Longyearbyen as per the programme
  • Meals during the tour
  • Shared equipment: cooking equipment, snow shovels, glacier equipment, primus, fuel
  • Tent
  • Experienced guides with necessary safety equipment
  • Search and rescue insurance
  • Transport from Longyearbyen to Borebukta
  • Transport from Kongsfjord to Longyearbyen

Price does not include:

  • Flights
  • Accommodation and meals in Longyearbyen apart from those mentioned in the programme
  • Sleeping bag
  • Liggeunderlag
  • Personal skiing equipment including skis, poles, boots and skins
  • Beer/wine/soft drinks
  • Travel insurance
  • Clothing and equipment

You will be sent an equipment list prior to arrival. Remember that Svalbard is tax and duty free, so that you can always pick up quality equipment in our shops.

Practical information

This tour requires that you are in good physical shape, with the strength and endurance to be able to put long distances behind you while dragging a heavy pulka.

You must be prepared for changeable weather, and generally tough weather conditions.

The participants must have warm, high quality winter clothing, mountain skis with steel edges (not thin cross country skis), solid bindings and sturdy ski boots with good support. Randonee equipment is not recommended. Ski skins are required.

You will be sent an equipment list prior to arrival. Remember that Svalbard is tax and duty free, so that you can always pick up quality equipment in our expeditions shop, Longyear78.

Safety is our highest priority, and the guide needs to be able to give directions you understand. To participate on one of our excursions, it is required that you speak and understand English or one of the Scandinavian languages.


Number of days

8 days

Age limit

18 years


4 - Above average physical fitness


8 days

What you should know
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