Jan - May

7 hours

This tour starts at the dog yard, where nearly 300 eager huskies are waiting for their next tour. Which will be on the lucky ones on your team? Electro, Ginger, Duma eller Briz?

A magic dog sledding adventure

You will be equipped with an exposure suit, boots and mittens, before you hop in and help the guide to harness and prepare the dogs. The barking and howling can seem a bit chaotic, but suddenly, it all changes. As soon as the dogs start to run, they become completely silent. The huskies are completely focussed on pulling the sled through the snow, and you can enjoy the magical landscape around you. The goal of the trip is the ice cave at the Scott Turner Glacier where you will experience a world of ice.


The guide will drive first with two guests, and the following sleds will be driven by two guests, who swap between driving and sitting in the sled. We will follow the river bed that heads into Bolterdalen, surrounded by mighty mountains. As we approach the glacier, we will enjoy a little more up and down between the moraine formations, and then we will take a break by the ice cave.

A magical winter wonderland

When you visit Svalbard you can hardly escape seeing a glacier. Around 60% of the archipelago is covered with glaciers, and when you visit us during the winter, there is a great chance that you will cross one by snowmobile or dog sled. When you stand on a seemingly flat plateau of snow and ice, it is difficult to imagine that the frozen wonderland that can be found under the surface.

A frozen world appears as you make your way down into the ice cave. Stuck in the ice you can see 1000 year old remnants of frozen plants, fantastic ice formations, narrow passages and big caverns. Welcome to an underworld hidden to all who haven’t made their way into the deep. The dogs will have a well-deserved rest while we explore the mystical underground world, and after lunch we will return to the dog yard. After having seen the dogs work hard to pull the sled up onto the glacier, it is a delight to see them run easily downhill. On the flat, we will mush at an even tempo, and you will have time to digest the impressions from the day, and enjoy the beautiful, untouched landscape.


  • Transfer to and from accommodation place in Longyearbyen
  • Hot drinks/biscuits
  • A simple expedition lunch
  • Exposure suit, boots and mittens for the duration of the tour

Practical information

You will be equipped with exposure suits, but we recommend that you wear thick and warm woollen underwear, warm trousers and a thick woollen jumper/jacket underneath. Dog sledding is not recommended for pregnant women. This tour is subject to snow conditions, and we reserve the right to adjust the route if the conditions deem it necessary.

Watch and learn from this introduction video from Green Dog, before you go out in the wilderness to explore!



3 - Average physical fitness

Age limit

6 years

Minimum number of participants

1 person


6-7 hours

Jan - May

7 hours

What you should know
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