Jan - May

3 days

Join us on an unforgettable three-day dog sledding tour in the wildest Arctic nature. Discover the beauty of Svalbard, as you mush through the snow-covered wilderness together with friendly huskies. If you're looking for an active nature experience that combines both excitement and comfort, this trip is tailored for you.

Day 1

Your expedition starts with a hotel pickup by your guide, who then takes you to the kennel Green Dog. Here, many eager huskies eagerly await, ready to hit the trails. You'll be provided with some outer clothing for the trip, and receive comprehensive instructions about dog sledding. Then it's time to set off! Your guide leads the way with one or two guests in the front sled. The rest of the group drive in pairs, with a team of six dogs.

We'll drive northeast from the kennel in Bolterdalen, crossing Adventdalen and heading towards Helvetiadalen, where the thrilling Krekling Pass awaits with its winding and exciting sledding trails. Our destination for the day is the Juva Cabin, nestled in the picturesque Brentskaret, where we'll spend the next two nights.

Stay at Juva Cabin

The accommodation for both nights is the Juva Cabin ('Juvahytta'), right in the heart of the wilderness! Here, you can experience the freedom and unique beauty of Svalbard, without sacrificing modern comforts. The cozy cabin is equipped with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. That includes comfortable beds, a warm fireplace, spacious living room, an indoor toilet, and even a sauna.

Whether you're chasing the northern lights or simply indulging in the tranquility of the cabin, you'll have plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy your holiday. Savor delicious meals, share stories around the fireplace, or treat yourself to a cold beer in the sauna while admiring the breathtaking view through the large window. Juvahytta is the ultimate retreat in the Arctic – and our furry companions also love the place for recharging their energy!

Day 2

On the next morning, we'll harness the dogs and continue our trip. We drive into Eskerdalen, traversing through Trehøgdalen to Vendomdalen and Sassendalen. Along the way, we'll make a stop at the impressive frozen waterfall Eskerfossen, which is the largest waterfall in Svalbard. Maybe this is where we'll enjoy our lunch. We might also find another cozy spot to make a longer break and take in the majestic surroundings. Today's route takes us through truly beautiful landscapes with varied terrain, providing both you and the dogs with fun challenges and beautiful impressions.

After a fun day on the sled, we'll return to the Juva Cabin. Here the dogs will receive their well-deserved treats, and we'll have a delicious dinner, relishing the warmth and coziness of the cabin.

Day 3

On the final morning, we embark on the last stretch through the scenic landscapes of Svalbard. We'll drive through the narrow passage south of Janssonhaugen and into Adventdalen, taking in the views along the way. If time allows us, we may also reach Foxdalen, known for its striking vertical slate mountains. We'll make stops for lunch and hot drinks, savoring the moment.

As we make our way back to the kennel, we'll take plenty of time to say goodbye to our new four-legged friends. Our adventure concludes as we return to the hotel in the late afternoon, leaving us with many fun and beautiful moments to look back on.

Practical information

You do not need any previous dog sledding experience to participate, but you should be in good shape. This is a long dog sledding tour, so if you are looking for a shorter introductory tour, we recommend Dog sledding in Bolterdalen instead. During the tour the participants will help to feed the dogs, and get them ready to mush, so you must expect to roll up your sleeves and pitch in. We will work together to ensure the most enjoyable trip for participants, guide and dogs.

In the Arctic, the weather can be unforeseeable and can change dramatically in the course of a few hours. With temperatures below freezing and the windchill factor, the effective temperature can quickly drop to well below -20 degrees Celsius in the winter. It is therefore important to dress warmly, take an additional thick jumper with you, and let the guide know if you are feeling cold. The dogs are social, affectionate and active creatures, and for some people, their first meeting with these happy, boisterous dogs can be a little overwhelming. Listen to the guide's instructions, and you will quickly bond with your huskies.

The tour takes you through uneven terrain, and is not recommended for those with existing injuries, or pregnant women.

Watch and learn from this introduction video from Green Dog, before you go out in the wilderness to explore!

Remember that Svalbard is tax and duty free, so that you can always pick up quality equipment in our expeditions shop, Longyear78.


Price includes:

  • Hotel transfer to/from the dog yard
  • Loan of exposure suit, boots and mittens
  • Food and drinks during the tour

Price does not include:

  • Flights
  • Accommodation, food and drinks in Longyearbyen before or after the trip
  • Personal equipment
  • Insurance


Required equipment:

• Wind-and waterproof pants and jacket (Gore-Tex or similar)
• Small bag/backpack and personal equipment
• Scarf of buff
• Balaclava
• Warm hat and possibly headband
• 2 pairs of woollen mittens or gloves
• 2 sets of long underwater(long johns and sweater, we recommend wool)
• 1 warm woollen or fleece sweater
• 3 pairs of thick woollen socks
• Toilet articles
• From 1st of March: sunglasses (side protection is recommend)
• From 1st of March: sun and cold blocker cream (non-water based)

In addition we reccomend:

• Binoculars
• Camera with waterproof bag, extra memory cards and battery
• Down jacket
• Snow goggles if you prefer to use your own
• Map and compass
• Small sewing kit
• Wet wipes
• Personal medication
• Sleeping bag if you prefer to use your own (must be suitable for temperatures to ÷ 35ºC)
• Thermarest sleeping mat if you prefer a thicker mat.

We provide you with the following equipment

• Sleeping bag
• Sleeping mat
• Warm winter shoes
• Exposure suit
• Warm mittens
• Balaklava
• Thick hat
• Ski goggles
• Thermos

We will also provide food during the whole tour. Remember to pack your gear in plastic bags/waterproof bags as equipment can become wet during the tour. You may also wish to take extra plastic bags along.


Number of days

3 days

Age limit

12 years


3 - Average physical fitness

Jan - May

3 days

What you should know
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