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Dog Cart by the Sea

Difficulty level
Suitable for most
3.5 hours
Age limit
2 years
May - Oct
Enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery whilst your guide drives a big wagon, pulled by strong sled dogs along the path to the west of Longyearbyen.

Your guide picks you up at the hotel, and takes you to the starting point of the tour, close to the airport. Here the dogs will be waiting eagerly for your arrival! If you like, you can help the guide to harness the 12-14 dogs who will be leading the tour, and attach them safely to the line used to pull the wagon. The barking and howling may seem somewhat chaotic, but suddenly everything changes. In an instant, as the dogs start to run, they become completely silent. Fully focused on the task at hand, the dogs pull the wagon, whilst you can focus on enjoying the fantastic landscape around the coast and in towards Bjørndalen (the "Bear Valley").

Keep your eyes open, because wildlife is rich in this area! If you are lucky, you may spot a reindeer, Arctic fox, ptarmigan, seal and maybe even a walrus or a whale. During the summer, there are often large pods of belugas in the fjord. The bird life is also vivid, including little auks, Arctic terns and Arctic skuas.

We will travel a good distance away from town, and if the weather is clear, the view over Isfjorden is incredible. You can see the massive glaciers on the other side of the fjord, and gain an understanding of how small we really are in the mighty Svalbard landscape. After about one and a half hour of dog sledding, we will take the car to Green Dog’s kennel in Adventdalen. Here you can relax with a hot drink in the cosy log cabin, and cuddle with the newest litter of puppies.