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Walrus Safari to Borebukta with a hybrid-electric speedboat

Difficulty level
Suitable for most
4 hours
Age limit
8 years
May - Sep
During the summer and autumn, it is common to see walrus colonies relaxing on beaches and small islets around Svalbard. Join us on a boat trip to look for them! We travel in a silent, closed, hybrid-electric speedboat.

Your guide will pick you up at the hotel and drive to the harbour in Longyearbyen. Here, the hybrid-electric speedboat Kvitbjørn awaits. This 14.9-meter-long boat has a modern design, comfortable seats and a capacity of 12 passengers.

We start the tour by crossing the majestic Isfjorden (the ‘Ice Fjord’). After approximately one hour, we find ourselves in the bay Borebukta. Here it is usually nice and quiet, and the sea is calm. This is also a popular spot for walrus colonies. In Borebukta, we will use the electric motor to get a completely silent propulsion. This gives us the unique opportunity to experience wildlife, without disturbing.

Walruses can be seen all year round on Svalbard. They often rest on ice floes, but during the summer and autumn you can also see walrus colonies relaxing on beaches and small islets. They tend to stick to specific locations where access to food and resting places are conveniently combined. Walruses are extremely social animals and usually appear in groups. After hunting for food in the sea, they pull up on land or ice floes to rest together with the herd. Here they like to lie close together – or even on top of each other!

We will stay on the boat throughout the tour, but spend plenty of time outside on the aft deck. Here, you really get close to nature. After some hot drinks and freshly baked buns, we set course back to Longyearbyen again.

Walrus safari to Borebukta