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Isfjord Safari to the Puffins

Difficulty level
Suitable for those with average fitness
4 hours
Age limit
8 years
May - Aug
On this boat trip, we are looking for the Arctic’s own parrot: the Atlantic Puffin. Our goal is the bird cliff Diabas, where the geological formations create the perfect home for these summer birds. We travel in an open speedboat – a fun and refreshing experience!

Your guide will pick you up at the hotel and drive you to our expedition centre. Here you will get equipped with a flotation suit, life jacket and goggles, before we set course down to the harbour. Here, a sturdy open Polarcirkel speedboat awaits.

We drive out on the fjords, heading towards the east. From May to the end of July, the areas around the fjords are bursting with birds that have migrated to Svalbard from all corners of the world. With some luck, you may also spot a whale along the way. Our goal destination is the bird cliff Diabas, which has a particularly vivid birdlife. Here, we can find many breeding pairs of Atlantic Puffins and at least ten times more of the Brünnich’s Guillemot. 

At the cliff, we will turn off the engine and enjoy the scenery up close, from the water. After taking our time enjoying the bird watching – and something warm to drink – we set our course back to Longyearbyen again.