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Glacier Safari to Tempelfjorden and Tunabreen with a hybrid-electric speedboat

Difficulty level
Suitable for most
4 hours
Age limit
8 years
May - Oct
This boat trip takes you to the mighty glacier front of Tunabreen. On the way, you’ll travel through beautiful fjords and majestic landscapes. The tour also includes some local history, as we pass Villa Fredheim: the home and hunting base of the old trapper legend Hilmar Nøis.

Your guide will pick you up at the hotel and drive to the harbour in Longyearbyen. Here, the hybrid-electric speedboat Kvitbjørn awaits. This 14.9-meter-long boat has a modern design, comfortable seats and a capacity of 12 passengers.

The trip starts by rounding Revneset, the headland north of Longyearbyen, to then head east. Along the way, we make a stop at the beautiful bird cliff Diabas, where we come close to the busy birds that nest there. Then we pass Villa Fredheim, the hunting base of the old trapper legend Hilmar Nøis. In the distance, we can then see the mighty glacier front of Tunabreen getting closer. After approximately one hour we find ourselves in Tempelfjorden (the ‘Temple Fjord’). At the glacier, we will use the boat's electric motor to get a completely silent propulsion. This gives us the unique opportunity to experience the nature and wildlife without disturbing.

Tunabreen has a breathtaking glacier front. Its light blue colour makes a gorgeous contrast to the otherwise brownish mountain landscape. Tunabreen is one of the glaciers on Svalbard that are in surge, so if you are lucky you can witness large masses of ice detaching and falling into the sea. Followed by a big bang and a few waves, this is an impressive experience. If the glacier has calved a lot in the last 24 hours, there will also be a lot of ice floating in the water in front of the glacier. From these ice chunks, we can hear popping sounds from thousand-year-old air bubbles bursting.

We will stay on the boat throughout the tour, but spend plenty of time outside on the aft deck. Here, you really get close to nature. After some hot drinks and freshly baked buns, we set course back to Longyearbyen again.

Glacier safari to Tempelfjorden and Tunabreen