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Dinner Cruise Under the Northern Lights

Difficulty level
Suitable for everyone
3 hours
Age limit
2 years
Join us for a unique dinner experience out on the fjords of Svalbard. With some luck, you might spot the northern lights. Far away from the city's light pollution, the chances are good.

After a long summer with midnight sun, the cozy twilight and dark season takes over the show. The days get shorter each day, and the evenings cast a mystical darkness over the vast wilderness on Svalbard. On this evening tour, we sail out on Isfjorden and cruise along the never-ending mountain landscapes. In addition to enjoying a delicious dinner in majestic surroundings, there are good chances that you will spot the northern lights. Although there is never a guarantee for seeing them, the location out on the fjords are perfect. Far away from any artificial light pollution, you have the best view in case there would be any activity on the sky.

You will travel with the hybrid electric catamaran MS Bard. The engine and propellers are specially designed to minimise the noise and vibration. This not only takes you closer to nature; More importantly, the surrounding wildlife is less disturbed by our presence.

During the cruise you will get served a three course dinner. The dinner is served inside, where you have a fantastic view through massive panoramic windows. Throughout the tour you are free to move on several outdoor decks as well, where you also can find comfortable seating areas.


  • Carrot soup

  • Svalbard cod with ratatouille and mashed potatoes

  • Chocolate mousse with caramelized white chocolate

Drinks are available for purchase on board. We offer vegetarian options on request. Please inform us by sending an email to info@hurtigrutensvalbard.com, no later than 48h before departure.