May - Sep

2 hours

Join us on a beautiful evening tour on Isfjorden. The midnight sun gives you many extra hours to enjoy the spectacular nature during summer, and this is the perfect evening activity. The sea is full of wildlife, and various sea birds will fly along the boat until they migrate back South again. Enjoy the magical evenings on board with us!

MS Bard - A new way to experience Svalbard

MS Bard is a brand new hybrid-electric catamaran specially designed for polar regions. The ship is made with a focus on providing unique experiences, while having a minimal impact on the environment. The boat is made of recycled and recyclable aluminum which makes it lightweight and energy efficient.

The boat has large panoramic windows that allow you to enjoy the breathtaking views also if you wish to sit inside. In addition, there are three large decks where you get close to the sea and can admire the Arctic nature.

Midnight sun

Between April and August, Svalbard is immersed in midnight sun. The sun shines bright both during the day and night, which is a very odd feeling! In mid-August, the sun slowly starts descending towards the horizon, which colours the evenings in a beautiful, serene, orange light. The mountains and surroundings glow in this evening sun and create a wonderful colourplay.

MS Bard - Program 2021

Departure every day
• Kl 12:45: Picking up guests
• Kl 13:15: Departure
• Kl 16:15: Arrival Pyramiden
• Kl 18:15: Departure
• Kl 20:15: Arrival Longyearbyen

Departure every day
• Kl 08:00: Picking up guests
• Kl 08:30: Departure
• Kl 10:00: Arrival Barentsburg
• Kl 11:30: Departure
• Kl 13:00: Arrival Longyearbyen

Dinner cruise
Twice a week, Thursday and Saturdays:
• Kl 20:30: Picking up guests
• Kl 21:00: Departure
• Kl 23:00: Arrival Longyearbyen

MS Bard - Program 2022

Departure every day
• Kl 08:15: Picking up guests
• Kl 08:30: Departure
• Kl 11:30: Arrival Pyramiden
• Kl 13:30: Departure
• Kl 16:00: Arrival Longyearbyen

Departures 5 times per week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday:
• Kl 15:45: Picking up guests
• Kl 16:15: Departure
• Kl 17:45: Arrival Barentsburg
• Kl 19:15: Departure
• Kl 20:45: Arrival Longyearbyen

Dinner cruise
Twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays:
• Kl 17:45: Picking up guests
• Kl 18:00: Departure
• Kl 21:00: Arrival Longyearbyen



1 - Suitable for all

Age limit

2 years


2.5 hours

May - Sep

2 hours

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