May - Sep

6 hours

The distance between civilisation and the wilderness is short, especially by speed boat. Experience it on this tour to Von Postbreen. At the head of the Tempelfjord you will find this glacier, together with its surging brother, Tunabreen, and also see its nearest neighbours - the mighty mountain ‘Tempelet’, and the trapper’s cabin Villa Fredheim - all in the realm of the polar bear.


Just speeding through the fjords in an open boat is an experience in itself, but this tour also offers an insight into trapping history as our route takes us past Hilmar Nøis’ Villa Fredheim. Hilmar Nøis was a legendary trapper, who had 38 winters on Svalbard. He was known as the King of Sassen, and whilst he planned to become a fisherman, he was so seasick that he chose to become a trapper instead. Many of the hunters cabins on Svalbard were of the simpler sort but Villa Fredheim was an exception. With a flag pole, pot plans and curtains, this two storey villa is a palace compared to other cabins. Despite the ‘luxurious’ standard of his dwelling, it is hard to not feel a sense of respect for Nøis and his family, who lived here in the wilderness year after year.


The area in front of the Von Postbreen is an important restplace and nursery for ring seals, and therefore, the chance of seeing a polar bear here is better than in Longyearbyen. The birdlife is another important representative of the Arctic fauna, and on the way in towards the glaciers, we will make a short stop by the bird cliff at Diabas, to look for nesting birds near the seashore.

Meeting these busy birds from the sea is like being part of a more primitive world. The sheer number of birds that circle over you, and nest nearly on top of each other in the steep mountainside is fascinating, and quite different to experiencing birdlife from land.


‘I will always remember the freedom in the wide plains’, wrote Hilmar Nøis in his diary. With views towards the Von Post and Tuna Glaciers from his kitchen table, it is perhaps not strange to hear that Nøis never forgot the landscape of Svalbard. Von Post is a 15km long and 100km² glacier lying at the southern end of Tempelfjord, and if you include its tributaries you can nearly double the area of the glacier. Tunabreen, whilst the smaller of the two glaciers, is a fjord glacier, plunging straight into the fjord like a massive wall meeting the sea. Both the size and location of this glacial massif will take your breath away. Suddenly, you will feel small, particularly as our specially made open boats can take you closer than you otherwise might get to these walls of ice.

On the tour we eat a hot meal from Restaurant Nansen. Where we eat is weather dependent and can vary from time to time. The guide will find a suitable place according to today's conditions. We aim to enjoy the meal in front of the glacier front or ashore at Bjonahamna.


  • Transport to and from accommodation place in Longyearbyen
  • Exposure suit for the duration of the tour
  • Warm drinks/biscuits and a hot meal from Restaurant Nansen
  • Tour leader/captain with safety equipment
  • Search and rescue insurance

Practical information

All tours are subject to weathre conditions, and routes may be change if the conditions require it. Towards the end of August the birdlife on Svalbard becomes less numerous, as most of the birds are migratory. In this period, there will be more of a focus on history and the natural wonders of Svalbard.
The price includes transport to and from the hotesl in Longyearbyen, floatation suite and expeidtion lunch
Please note that this tour takes place in an open boat, and you may experience sea spray and bumpy seas. The tour is not recommended for those with back injuries, or for pregnant guests.

Safety is always our highest priority, and the guide must be able to provide instructions that you understand. To participate on our tours, you must therefore speak and understand English, or a Scandinavian language.

How to dress on a boat tour with a Polarcirkel boat

Even though it is summer, it can be cold on Svalbard. Especially when you are on a boat trip in an open polar circle boat. We lend floatation suit, life jackets and goggles to all guests, but we recommend that you dress well underneath.

We recommend:
• Warm shoes
• A thick wool sweater or thin down jacket
• Wool underwear
• Mittens / gloves
• Neck / buff
• Beanie

If you do not have warm shoes, we have a limited selection of boots for loan.

You can experience both rain and sea spray, so we recommend packing camera equipment well, and preferably in a waterproof dry bag. Hurtigruten Svalbard is not responsible for any damage that may occur to your personal equipment.



3 - Average physical fitness

Age limit

14 years

Minimum number of participants



6 hours

May - Sep

6 hours

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