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The wildlife on Svalbard has had to adapt to the harsh living conditions in the Arctic. Here the animals are exposed to extreme cold, periods with little food and a long winter without daylight. Svalbard only has two species of land mammals; the arctic fox and Svalbard reindeer. The polar bear spends most of its life on the drift ice and is therefore considered a marine mammal.

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King of the Arctic - the polar bear
Did you know....? Amazing facts about the polar bears' life on Svalbard.
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Birdlife on Svalbard
The number of bird species on Svalbard may be somewhat limited compared to more southerly climes, but many of them visit in incredible numbers.
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14 facts about polar bears
Den afrikanske savannen har løver - i Arktis finner vi isbjørner. Sjekk disse faktaene som du sannsynligvis ikke visste om kongen av Arktis.
What you should know
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