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Experience the arctic living with an incredible trip to Svalbard! We have some fantastic offers for you to explore the island and enjoy the wilderness. Which one suits you best? Let us know and we will do the rest for you!

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Northern lights offer
Hotel, dinner and activity package. Travelling period: 1th of October - 15 th of February
Photo by Christian Stormo Jensen
Romantic weekend getaway under the northern lights
Bring your loved one to Svalbard. Traveling period: until 28. February
Agurtxane Concellon, snowmobile
Adventure at Funken
A campaign full of adventure. Traveling period: 4. February - 15. May
Arctic romance
Romance at Funken
Love deal including hotel, room gift and dinner. Traveling period: 2021
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The ultimate family trip to Svalbard
Do the school break in winter wonder land
sunny winter2
Sunny winter at Radisson
Travel period: 16. February - 16. May
Light-winter Snowmobile Barentsburg Create-memories Agurtxane-Concellon Landscape-1920x1080 02
Sunny winter at Funken Lodge
Traveling period: 1. March - 16. May
Cover Foto Marthe A Vannebo
"Levva livet" at Funken Lodge
Åge Aleksandersen concert. Traveling period: 10. - 12. March
Skutertur-i-vintersol-HGS-03019- Foto Hanne Feyling
Easter at Radisson
Traveling period: 26. March - 5. April
Campaign Light-winter Mountain 1920x1080
Easter at Funken Lodge
Traveling period: 26. March - 5. April
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Ski Marathon at Svalbard
Sett deg et mål - så ses vi i Arktis i april 2021!
Barentsburg 1920x1080
Summer and culture at Radisson
Traveling period: 15. May - 30. September
Midnight sun at Funken Lodge
Traveling period: 15. May - 30. September
Arctic-wilderness-evening Camp-Barentz Agurtxane-Concellon Landscape 1920x1080 01
Conference with an Arctic touch
Bring your employees and colleagues to Svalbard for the ultimate conference experience.
Group Work-holiday Teambuilding Wilderness-evening Camp-Barentz Svalbard Agurtxane-Concellon Landscape-1920x1080
Business package
Strategy meeting with Northern Lights. Traveling period: 1.October 2020 - 31.January 2021
Northern lights 1920x1080
Northern lights offer 2021/2022
Traveling period: 1. October 2021 - 12. February 2022
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Gift card
Valid for 2 years.
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