Juva Cabin - the Jewel of Svalbard

A night away from civilization on Svalbard is an experience you will never forget. At Juva Cabin you can enjoy the wilderness in comfort.


Helge Ingstad once wrote that the reason a man would choose to live the lonely and risky life of a trapper ‘is to do with that primitive part of mankind, and our need for freedom’. At Juva Cabin, you can experience the freedom of being a part of the spectacular landscape of Svalbard, without the primitive aspect. The cabin is equipped with comfortable beds, a warm fireplace, lounge room, kitchen, indoor toilet and, last but not least, a brand new sauna, creating a very comfortable wilderness experience.

Juva Cabin

The cabin is strategically placed with excellent views. The outlook from lounge room window will take the breath from every visitor, and with mountains on all sides you only need to take a little wander up the hill behind the cabin to catch an unforgettable sunset. Be surrounded by untouched wilderness and varied landscape. You will be far away from the light pollution of Longyearbyen, which gives you a clearer night sky, and better chances for aurora watching. The cabin is the perfect place for skiing trips or wilderness safaris. You will get closer to the wildlife than in Longyearbyen, and be able to experience Svalbard at its most beautiful.

Before you test out sitting in a hot sauna with an ice cold beer, enjoying the northern lights dancing over the mountains to the south, you might not have thought about just how much of upgrade this is from the trappers’ life in the 1800s. The trappers had neither saunas nor good beds to sleep in. However, they had the same views, they saw the same northern lights, and perhaps they had the same feeling of simple satisfaction when they looked out over the snow, despite their more rustic accommodations. 

The cabin can be hired for private groups of 4 – 10 guests. We also have several tours which include accommodation at Juva Cabin. A perfect start point for a groups of friends on a private backcountry trip, a unique team-building tour, or a very different board meeting.

A guide is always included on all tours to Juva Cabin.  


To book this expedition, please contact us by e-mail Hurtigruten Svalbard
or call +47 79 02 61 00.

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