Our goals for 2022

  1. Become certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001

  2. Further develop the management system and the use of a new deviation system that simplifies case processing and creates continuous improvement

  3. External environmental objectives:
    a. Reduce waste
    – by establishing a system for measuring and subsequently reducing food waste per resident guest
    – by reducing packaging quantity from our suppliers – we perform supplier evaluations

    b. Increase production of electricity from our own solar cells
    c. Replace a larger number of our vehicles with electric alternatives

  4. Customer satisfaction should be better than 9 on a scale to 10

  5. Competence development
    a. Establish a competence plan and identify competence needs
    b. Carry out competence development where necessary/required

  6. Satisfied employees
    – Carry out a regular work environment survey, with the goal of a total benchmark score of 75 or higher

  7. Sick leave
    a. We shall not have work environment-related sickness absence
    b. Short-term absence shall be lower than 1%

  8. Gender equality
    All employees in Hurtigruten Svalbard AS shall be given equal opportunities to:
    • employment
    • education
    • work
    • professional development regardless of gender
    • ethnic and cultural background
    • religion
    • Orientation
    • functional ability
    • appearance
    • political standpoint

On average in 2021, we had 123 employees (95 man-years) divided between 46% women and 54% men.
We had 25 nationalities among our employees. The company's board consists of 4 men and 1 woman.

The average type of contract is temporary employment contracts 31% and permanent position 69%.
The tourism industry on Svalbard is seasonal, and Hurtigruten Svalbard AS has chosen to place greater emphasis on the introduction of permanent employment contracts.

What you should know
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