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Svalbard guidelines

Svalbard is a unique, beautiful and vulnerable place, and things are different here than in Bornemouth, Paris or Gran Canaria. It is important that you follow the Svalbard guidelines during your stay!

Follow the Svalbard guidelines during your stay

We would love for you to come and visit Svalbard, but because of our vulnerable nature, there are a number of things you as a visitor must relate to - both to safeguard the wilderness for future generations, and for your own safety.

The local tourism industry and the Governor have prepared a set of "Svalbard guidelines". These are guidelines we want you to familiarize yourself with before your trip to Svalbard, and it will prepare you for how you can help preserve our Arctic paradise:

  1. Don't be an arctic litterbug! Leave no lasting signs of your visit.
  2. Birds and other animals are not to be disturbed. Remember, you are the guest.
  3. Help take care of the biodiveristy. Do not pick flowers.
  4. Leave old cultural remains alone. Law protects all traces of humans from before 1946.
  5. It is prohibited to lure, pursue or otherwise seek out polarbears in such a way as to disturb them or expose either bears or humans to danger.
  6. Do not leave the settlements without a suitable gun, and experience in using it.
  7. Be considerate to others.
  8. Contact the Governor's office (Sysselmannen) if planning a longer field
    excursion. A mandatory registration applies for travel to large parts of
  9. Acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations pertaining to travel and
    other tourist activities on Svalbard.
  10. For the sake of both the environment and yourself, we recommend
    organized tour arrangements.

It is impossible being an invisible tourist - but we do appreciate you're trying.

What you should know
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