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Easter at Coal Miners' Cabins

Travel period: March 21 - April 2

Welcome to an Easter vacation on Svalbard. Experience the Arctic winter and enjoy a lot of great activities, including a unique accommodation with the wilderness right on your doorstep.

This package includes:

  • 4 nights at Coal Miners' Cabins
  • Breakfast each morning
  • A dinner at Coal Miners' Bar & Grill
  • Snowmobilesafari to Elveneset
  • Dogsledding in Bolterdalen


  • From NOK 6 835,- per person in a shared twin room

  • From NOK 8 535,- for one person in a single room


Follow the link below for more details and booking directly at

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Cancellation policy

Cancellation within:
•22 days gives full refund or we will help you move the trip
•8-21 days gives 50% refund
•0-7 days gives no refund

Applies to the number of days before the trip starts.

Please note that additional costs may apply if the offer is no longer available, when changing the travel period.

Stay at Coal Miners' Cabins

The Coal Miners' Cabins is the place for you who want to get an authentic experience of the mining period on Svalbard. The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, combined with the immediate proximity to nature, makes this a popular place for travelers of all ages.

The hotel is located in Nybyen, Longyearbyen's small "suburb", within walking distance from the city center. When Mine 2 was opened in the 1940s, several two-storey barracks were set up to accommodate the miners. These same barracks now makes up the Coal Miners’ Cabins – although with a slightly better standard!

The guest rooms are split over three separate buildings. Not all rooms have private bathrooms, but they are cozy and comfortable. Each building has a kitchen and common areas that invite you to make new friends from all over the world. The reception is located in the main building, where you also find the breakfast canteen and several lounge areas. Here you also find the restaurant Coal Miners' Bar & Grill, where you can redeem a voucher to get the dinner that is included in this package.

Snowmobile safari to Elveneset

This tour covers a total of about 70 kilometres, and the goal for the tour is Elveneset, a phenomenal outlook point with views over the Tempelfjord and Tempelfjellet. Tempelfjellet, the ‘Temple mountain’, is 766m high and lies on the north bank of the Sassenfjord. The mountain received its characteristic name from the intricate structures the spring meltwater has carved in the mountainside, which from a distance reminds one of temple ruins.

The landscape on the tour is varied, heading through valleys with soaring mountains on all sides, and at our turning point, Elveneset, we will take a nice break with warm drinks before setting a course back to town.

Dogsledding in Bolterdalen

This tour starts at the dog yard, where nearly 300 eager huskies are waiting for their next tour. Which will be on the lucky ones on your team? Electro, Ginger, Duma or Briz? You will be equipped with an exposure suit, boots and mittens, before you hop in and help the guide to harness and prepare the dogs. The barking and howling can seem a bit chaotic, but suddenly, it all changes. As soon as the dogs start to run, they become completely silent. The huskies are completely focussed on pulling the sled through the snow, and you can enjoy the magical landscape around you.

Being immersed in Svalbard’s wilderness is a very special experience. The weather can be wild or wonderful, and is something that we can’t control, and we may adjust the tour to suit the conditions. We may drive through deep snow, or slippery ice, but it doesn’t make much difference to the dogs, who love to be out on tour, and the experienced guides who will tell you all about the polar dogs and their lives, whether it is minus degrees or plus two!

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