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Romantic vacation on Svalbard

Most people associate Svalbard with polar bears, snowmobiles and glaciers. But did you know that it is also a quite romantic place? Because what could be more romantic than escaping from the everyday life, up to 78 degrees north, to explore untouched nature and enjoy good food in perhaps the world's most beautiful surroundings? Here are 5 reasons why you should take your next romantic holiday to Svalbard.

Romance under the northern lights

Between October and February, it is polar night on Svalbard. This is a season full of magical evenings, with northern lights and starry skies. Go on a northern lights safari, either by snowcat or snowmobile, and enjoy the silence in Adventdalen - a beautiful valley just outside Longyearbyen. The famous "Arctic silence" combined with beautiful night skies is a winning recipe for a romantic evening!

If you wish to get an even more private and intimate experience, it is also possible to book a private tour with a guide. Maybe you are planning a proposal? Why not do it under dancing northern lights, surrounded by unique nature?

Private Champagne tasting

Pay a visit to the Champagne cellar in Funken Lodge. As you walk down the stairs, a long dark corridor lit only by candles leads you into the fascinating storage of all the precious Champagne bottles. This immediately sets the scene for the evening.

Back in the days, the class differences were significant in Longyearbyen. "Nordpolet" was the only place where the miners and officials met on common ground. This is where they picked up their monthly quota of alcohol. Today, the basement has been refurbished and used to store Funken Lodge's precious drops of Champagne. Here you can get a private tour and taste exclusive drops of Champagne from perhaps Norway's largest selection. This is an intimate and fun experience led by Funken`s own sommelier.

Explore the High Arctic nature

Between March and May, we have the period we call Sunny Winter. This is a perfect time to explore the beautiful Svalbard nature by snowmobile. Share a snowmobile and go on a guided tour to Tempelfjorden or Elveneset and drive through the snow-covered landscape as you hold on to each other.

During the Polar Summer, it is time for the boating season. There is a wide selection of different tours to choose from. For you who wish to enjoy time together, have good conversations and take things at a slow pace, we recommend a trip with MS Bard. This comfortable catamaran is designed with a hybrid-electric engine that allows both guests and surrounding wildlife to relax, with minimal pollution. Enjoy beautiful views, glaciers and wildlife.

Lovely culinary experiences

Longyearbyen has many good restaurants to offer. We recommend a visit in Funktionærmessen Restaurant which was awarded Longyearbyen's best restaurant in 2021. You should also not miss out on Restaurant Nansen, where you can enjoy delicious food and fantastic views of the famous mountain Hiorthfjellet.

Longyearbyen may be a small town, but don't let that fool you. A large number of music and food festivals are arranged regularly. If we need to highlight one, we can highly recommend Smak Svalbard, which is held in October every year. This is the world's northernmost food and drink festival where you can learn more about Svalbard's exciting history and use of unique local ingredients. Courses, demos and lectures are arranged. Enjoy a variety of culinary experiences, ranging from street food in the food tent to elegant 6-course dinners at the city's restaurants.

Stay at a romantic boutique hotel - Funken Lodge

Funken Lodge was awarded Svalbard's best hotel in 2021 and in 2020 it was on the top 10 list of Norway's most romantic hotels. And all this with good reason. Funken Lodge has a relaxed and romantic atmosphere, large comfortable beds, and a modern lounge with a fireplace. Here you can enjoy first-class service and exceptional food in a luxurious, yet relaxed atmosphere. The hotel also has a sauna, wine cellar, and a Champagne cellar.

What you should know
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