Nordlys over Svea


Experience the polar night on Svalbard

Starry skies, moonlight and dancing northern lights. The mysterious dark season on Svalbard offers everything from spectacular natural phenomena to impressive culinary experiences. Take a break from the grey winter at home, and treat yourself to a unique trip close to the North Pole!

We make it easy for you

Svalbard has many unforgettable experiences to offer, whether you are traveling with family, a group of friends, your partner or alone. The northern lights season begins in October, and from November it is officially polar night. Then it is dark around the clock, and you have the opportunity to see the northern lights also during the day! Svalbard is the only inhabited place in the world where this is possible.

Sometimes it is difficult to choose. We know Svalbard, and have put together two unique package offers that create memories for life. Choose the one that suits you the best, and secure your trip to Svalbard this winter.

Travel to Svalbard

If you are travelling from outside Norway, you will have to fly via Oslo. Both SAS and Norwegian offer flights to Longyearbyen from Oslo and/or Tromsø.

With a direct flight from Oslo, the trip takes about 3 hours. The flight time from Tromsø is about 1.5 hours. Some departures from Oslo make a stopover in Tromsø, and then the total travel time will be closer to 4 hours.

Northern lights 1920x1080
Northern lights at Funken Lodge
Treat yourself to a luxurious stay at our unique boutique hotel in Longyearbyen. Price from NOK 5 325 per person.
Northern lights - Radisson Blu Polar Hotel Spitsbergen - Photo Eveline lunde
Northern lights at Radisson
Stay centrally at the world's northernmost Radisson hotel, with experiences right outside the door. Price from NOK 5 450 per person.
Lysvinter 1920x1080 Foto Agurtxane Concellon
Explore Svalbard
Polar night or midnight sun? See all our travel offers. Svalbard has many different experiences to offer, all year round!
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