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Welcome on board MS Bard! We are proud to present a new and greener alternative for exploring the fjords of Svalbard. The silent hybrid-electric engine allows both guests and surrounding wildlife to relax, with minimal pollution. Join us on a journey towards sustainable cruise travel.


In collaboration with Brim Explorer, we introduce MS Bard: A new and groundbreaking catamaran for day cruises, specially built to leave the smallest footprint possible in the vulnerable Arctic nature.

With its hybrid-electric engine and specially designed propellers, the noise is close to silent and the vibration minimal. This not only takes the guests closer to nature, when quietly gliding by the majestic landscapes and untouched wilderness. More importantly, the surrounding wildlife is less disturbed by our presence.

In addition, the innovative hybrid solution significantly reduces the pollution from the ship. This is supported by strict environmental policies that are implemented in every part of the operations on board. MS Bard is an important element of our commitment to sustainable travel – and a peaceful experience for body and soul.


MS Bard is built with recycled and recyclable aluminum, making it lightweight and energy efficient. When we approach glaciers, wildlife or settlements, it will run silently on electric propulsion. At higher speeds we use a hybrid solution, where we run both an electric motor and diesel engine at the same time. In that way, we get the speed up whilst reducing the diesel consumption.

The battery pack is recharged at the port of Longyearbyen.


MS Bard has a contemporary, Norwegian design that contributes to the serene experience on board. You are free to move on several outdoor decks or enjoy the views from inside, through massive panoramic windows. Comfortable lounges are available outside as well as indoors. The spacious architecture allows everyone to find a favorite spot to enjoy the breathtaking views of Svalbard’s vast landscapes and wildlife.

On board you will find a café and bar with a diverse selection of snacks and drinks. We also offer fresh waffles and a delicious vegan lentil soup.

MS Bard can accommodate up to 146 guests.

• Silent hybrid-electric engine
• Panoramic windows
• 3 outdoor decks
• Comfortable lounge areas
• Café and bar


From May to October you can experience Svalbard from the water with MS Bard on our fantastic Wildlife and glacier cruise or Captain's favourites. Combine an informative experience with thrilling impressions from Svalbard’s unique nature.

You can also choose to go on a unique evening cruise under the midnight sun. As the sun never sets during the summer months, you get many extra hours to enjoy Svalbard! From the end of August you can experience magnificent sunsets during the trip and, further towards the fall, also northern lights.

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