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Spitsbergen Marathon and Svalbard Ski marathon

Are you ready for a great challenge at 78 degrees north? Join the ski marathon in April, through magnifiscent Svalbard nature. Or run more or less every inch of what we have of pavelled roads during the running marathon in June.

Svalbard ski marathon 27. April 2019

Svalbard ski marathon runs through amazing scenery just outside Longyearbyen. In 2019, the route is new and will take you through beautiful Svalbard landscape, over glaciers and deep into mountain valleys.

Joining the ski marathon is one of the very few ways you can venture into the wild without your own polar bear protection. There are polar bear guards setup along the route. This is a truly magnifiscent challenge!

Choose between half marathon (21 km) or full marathon (42 km).

Sign up via Svalbard Turn's webpage. For accommodation, please check out our hotels.

Spitsbergen Marathon 1. June 2019

Come running at 78 degrees north! Spitsbergen Marathon is the world's northernmost marathon where you won't have to charter a flight to get there.

We've arranged for polar bear guards along the route, and you'll be cheered on by the local Svalbardians. Have you ever seen a reindeer during a marathon before?!

Choose between 10, 21 or 42 kilometres.

Sign up on Svalbard Turn's webpage, and book your accommodation here.

Do you like planning ahead? Join us in 2020, on June 6.

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