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  • Mom, he says. - Now I'm really looking forward to it. I wish we could stay there forever. Do you promise to wake me up before we land? I have to see what it looks like from the sky as well.

We arrive in the middle of the night, but the midnight sun shines bright as if it was lunch time. The air is cool, fresh and clean. Two deep breaths of this purity and every possible tension in our bodies diminishes. Up here, the mind is clear. We are far away from anything that reminds us of stress and hassle.

Our first day we spend hiking in the Advent Valley. On the second day we go dogsledding. It is easy to feel at home on Svalbard. The boys are plunging into the dog yard where the new born puppies are waiting to play. Dogs and boys are equally fearless and carefree ...

Life is in balance and we manage to be here and now – together.

On the third day it is time for the challenge that we have been most excited about. We will climb the Sukkertopppen (the 'Sugar summit', 371 meters above sea level) and then walk further in over the mountain, to a glacier. The boys are thrilled. Ludvig photographs a reindeer and August finds a fossil that he guards like a crown jewel. When we almost literally reach the top of the world, we feel so strong and free!

On the last day we go to Barentsburg by boat. In this small mining settlement most of the inhabitants spend their days in the mine, far, far inside a mountain. I personally think this job demands nerves of steel. Ludvig thinks it is "crazy cool" and August is mostly wondering what it is like to be a child here.

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