The annual Guide seminar

Each year, we organize an extensive training seminar for our guides. The seminar is an important and valuable forum, where they can exchange knowledge and practice life-saving measures for emergency situations.

Challenging weather – perfect training conditions

This year's seminar spanned over 4 days, and the final segment was a big exercise in collaboration with Svalbard Folkehøyskole. We simulated a rescue operation, where the guides were tested on avalanche rescue. They also got to practice on how to handle different types of accidents, on real people with simulated injuries. During the week, we experienced an extreme snow storm on Svalbard. This made the trainings even more challenging for the guides – but the conditions were perfect to train in.

Our guides have different backgrounds and knowledge in different areas. Regardless of the individual guide's previous experience, the seminar improves their skills and ensures that we can give our guests a safe experience.

"the most important arena to prepare for a new exciting winter season"

The guide seminar for our winter guides is the most important arena for preparing us for a new exciting winter season, says Adventures Director, Tore Hoem. He has lived and worked on Svalbard for over 25 years. If there is one person who knows what is required of a guide, it is him. "Both new and more experienced guides – and us in the office – have been looking forward to these days for a long time. Regardless of previous experience, these are days with a high degree of learning outcomes, and an important repetition of skills that are important out in Svalbard's nature."

What you should know
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