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Hurtigruten Svalbard offers accommodation, restaurants and amazing experiences in the wild. Should you wish to participate on an activity we don't offer, we can help you book via one of our partners. See the activity calendar for availability and booking:

This is the perfect way to get an introduction to Longyearbyen and the surrounding area, with
a knowledgeable local guide. The tour begins in the Longyear valley and explores the town
before heading out to Adventdalen and Mine 7. During the drive through the valley, participants
are often rewarded with a view of the local Svalbard reindeer, and during the summer months thousands of migratory birds converge on the delta. The tour will also point out the coal mines in Adventdalen. Next on the tour is the area around the airport and Hotellneset, and a visit to
the site of the Global Seed Vault. The guide will talk about the attractions, fauna, flora and landscape throughout the tour, and stops will be made for photo sessions.

The bus tour to the mine is a step into the history of Longyearbyen. Learn how the company town has grown into its modern form - starting from the early 20th century and ending in the late 1960’s when Gruve 3 was opened. During this trip you will expe¬rience the life a miner had in the produc-tion days, and learn about what the mining industry has meant to Longyearbyen. We take in a little sightseeing around town before we head out to the mine, which is located near the airport. On arrival at Mine 3, we will head through the same entrance as the miner’s did back in the day. The guide will lead you in, and show you to the change rooms to be assigned your overalls, hard-hat and headlamp.

Blomsterdalshøgda, just west of Longyearbyen, stands at 321 metres above sea level, and overlooks Adventfjorden. In summer, its slopes are covered with many of Svalbard’s plants and flowers, and in winter, it is transformed into a world of rock, snow, and ice. After a short drive out of Longyearbyen, we will hike to the summit. Once atop the peak, and weather permitting, we will be afforded incredible views of Longyearbyen and the incredible natural landscapes in the area. Be sure to remember your camera! After descending from the summit, you will have the opportunity to pass by the Global Seed Vault, one of the most unique places on Svalbard. Carved deep into the permafrost, the Seed Vault preserves an incredible array of the world’s species of plants.

Join us for a visit at Svalbard Brewery and taste different types of beer. Get insight into the fascinating story of how the world’s northernmost brewery got started. Svalbard Brewery was established in 2011 and tapped its first beer in August 2015. Six years of effort went into changing the law from 1928 which banned the manufacture of alcohol on Svalbard.
Robert Johansen, founder of Svalbard Brewery, has been the most important factor for the establishment of a brewery at 78 degrees north. Now you can get the full story and taste the locally produced beer containing 2000 year old glacial water from the Boge glacier on Svalbard.

On this tour we will hunt high and low for the magical aurora borealis! Experience the magic of the Arctic wilderness by joining a guided bus tour. With the sun below the horizon, the Polar skies are dark and mysterious, and the perfect backdrop for experiencing the northern lights. Perhaps it was the magical light that made those long winter nights bearable for trappers and adventurers in the long Arctic night that lasts from November to February? We’ll use the roads around Longyearbyen to look for the aurora borealis - and during the tour we’ll show you a movie that will give you a better understanding of how this fascinating phenomenon is created.

Walruses became protected animals half a century ago. When this happened, the
population was only a couple of hundred animals, after 350 years of hunting. In the recent years, the walrus has come back to its old colonies and we have the privilige to visit one of these colonies with our boat. You can now experience these majestic animals in their natural habitat. Join our boat trip to Prins Karls Forland Island, located between Isfjorden and Kongsfjorden. Our boat has a panorama view to the surroundings, its warm and has comfortable seats. As we arrive at the walrus site, we will enjoy a lunch and warm drinks. If the weather permits, we will also go close to one of the many glacier fronts on the trip.

Join us on a kayak trip in Adventfjorden, one of Sval¬bard’s most historical fjords. Experience the contrast as you paddle from colourful Long¬yearbyen towards the ghost town of Hiorthhamn. Kayaking is a great way to explore the Arctic, and our knowledgeable guides will soon make you feel at home in the sturdy double kayaks. They will provide a briefing on the equip¬ment and safety rules, before you head away from Longyearbyen. As we paddle across the Adventfjord, our guide will be on the lookout for interesting wildlife. During the summer over 100 species of migratory birds visit these islands, and they can often be seen in this area. Occasionally we may meet a curious seal in the water! When we reach the far side of the fjord, we will make our way up the beach for lunch and a little historic sightseeing in the ghost town of Hiorthhamn, before we return to the kayaks to continue our paddling adventure back towards Longyearbyen.

Sail with a catamaran to Barentsburg! From Longyear¬byen we follow the coast all the way to Barentsburg. As we speed through the fjord, you can view the scenic landscape, including the impressive bird cliffs near Grumant, where thousands of birds gather from late May to early August. We continue towards Barentsburg, the Russian capital of Svalbard, where the statue of Lenin presides over the few hundred citizens who inhabit the town. During the trip, the on board guide will point out the highlights and provide you with an excellent introduction to Barentsburg, to en¬sure that you arrive well prepared to explore! After your 1.5 hours with a local guide in Barentsburg, the time will have come for your return back to Longyearbyen. This part of the trip can be enjoyed either from the deck, or if you prefer, from inside the vessel`s warm and cosy cabin, surrounded by panoramic windows. The scenery is mesmerising, a truly unique experience. This trip can be booked in combination with the Catamaran to Pyramiden, taking you to both towns on the same day.

From Longyearbyen, the voyage takes you through the majestic Billefjorden, towards Pyramiden. If you are interested in wild life a good idea is to bring your own binoculars. We will during the trip make a stop in Skansbukta and by the spectacular glacier, Nordenskioldbreen. Be sure to look out for whales, walrus, seals and polarbears. Arriving in Pyramiden a local english speaking guide will take you for a walk to explore Pyramiden. This abandoned magic Soviet ghost town is a once in a lifetime experience and we are pretty sure the stories and bulidings will make an impression. After a couple of hours in Pyramiden a local bus will bring you to the quay and the journey back to Longyearbyen takes 1,5 hours.

We bring you out to the local wildlife in and around Longyearbyen. Our primary focus is the Arctic fox, Svalbard rock ptarmigan, Svalbard Reindeer, little auk and to find the good views for eyes and / or camera. Our focus depends on the season and which species that are in the area at the moment. On this trip we will go to the areas close to Longyearbyen and look for animals and birds at different locations, to seek the best lighting conditions and the best experiences. This trip focuses on watching and photographing and the guide is also an experienced nature photographer. We move between different locations, by car and carry out stops and walk from a few hundred meters up to 2/3 kilometres one way.

Sailing slowly towards Norden¬skiöld glacier is a breathtaking experience. Our destination: Pyramiden, a Russian mining town that was abandoned in 1998. Everything is intact but the streets are deserted. We will continue north, into the Billefjord, and towards the majestic Nordenskiöld Glacier. This fantastic wall of ice will be the backdrop for our lunch, before we head into the ghost town, Pyramiden. A Russian guide will show us some of the fascinating Soviet era buildings, and Russian souvenirs will be available at Hotel Tulipan. Early in the season (generally until late May-early June), the ice fjord may prevent us from visiting Pyramiden itself. However, the presence of sea ice means that we will be on the lookout for wildlife otherwise not often spotted, like bearded seals, ring seals, Arctic foxes, and perhaps even polar bears, who need the ice to hunt.

Sail towards the Esmark glacier and Oscar II Land before turning towards the Russian mining settlement which looms on the side of the mountain above Grønfjorden. Join us on a fantastic day trip to Barentsburg! We cross to the western bank of the Isfjord, and head towards the Esmark Glacier. In front of the towering wall of ice we will enjoy a tasty lunch on board, before setting a course for the Russian town of Barentsburg. In Barentsburg we will climb the 200+ stairs to reach the main street of town, where our guided tour begins. Not up for the stairs? A local taxi can be arranged for a nominal charge by the boat guides. The local guide will show us the highlights of the town, including the sports centre, school and hotel before giving us a little time for souvenir shopping. We then return to the boat and continue our trip past Coles Bay and under the bird cliffs at Fuglefjella. The staff on board are ever helpful, and run a kiosk/bar with drinks, snacks and more.

From Longyearbyen, you see the majestic mountain Hiortfjellet. Many feel attracted to this mountain and this is your opportunity to ascend it. But it is a tough trip. First, we need to get across the fjord in kayaks, then we scale a 1000 meter high mountain. On the summit of Hiortfjellet we are rewarded in a great view. Your nature guide will give you all necessary safety instructions. You do not need any previous kayak experience to join this trip. The trip is demanding.

See the activity calender for a selection of available trips through our partners.

Visit Svalbard

Visit Svalbard AS is the official tourism board for Svalbard and Longyearbyen. It is a member based organisation and a neutral development and coordinating organ of the local tourism industry. They are also responsible for the tourist information centre, and the official travel portal for Svalbard. Visit Svalbard compiles and analyses tourism statistics, and are also responsible for the Svalbard Guide Training Course.

The company’s tasks include:

  • Executing and communicating tourism services on behalf of the tourism trade/tourism industry in Svalbard, including destination strategies, development and sustainability projects
  • Marketing, promoting and selling Svalbard as a destination, including developing a collective profile of Svalbard as a destination
  • Operating the portal, including the booking systems for activities and accommodation
  • Operating the tourist information centre in Longyearbyen
  • Being the secretariat for the tourism industry in Svalbard, including being a spokesman for the industry in the media, as well as in local and governmental issues concerning tourism on Svalbard


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