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Our guides

If you are heading outside of Longyearbyen’s urban area, you should join an organised excursion. Our guides, who know the area well, are ready to provide you with the very best experiences.

Each season around 40 tour leaders are employed by us. They have excellent knowledge about Svalbard and Arctic conditions, which will ensure you the best possible trip.

If you leave the town boundaries you need to carry a weapon, and as very few visitors bother to go through the process of gaining the necessary permissions, the best alternative for most is to join an organised tour. On our tours, the guide is always responsible for safety, and will bring weapons and other necessary safety equipment.

Svalbard is a vulnerable place, and our tour leaders will ensure that all laws and regulations in regards to protection of the environment are followed, as well as looking after your safety in the field. On board our boats, and when being transported between boats and land, the captain is responsible for safety. Participants have an independent responsibility to ensure that they travel in such a way as to avoid injuring themselves, or present a safety risk. The most important thing to do is to always listen to all instructions given to you. This will ensure the safest possible tour for yourself and your fellow participants.

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