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Polar Summer

Experience Svalbard during the bright summer months. The midnight sun gives you endless possibilities to experience Svalbard 24 hours a day!


Visit in Ny Ålesund with the hybrid boat Kvitbjørn

Join an exciting journey with us and visit Ny Ålesund. Our new hybrid boat Kvitbjørn has its own captain and a guide. On the way up we hope to see exciting wildlife and enjoy the beautiful nature.


Hybrid-electric catamaran to Pyramiden

Made for the future - join us today! In the summer of 2021, we launched a hybrid-electric catamaran to roam the Arctic waters. With our new vessel you can join an exciting and more environmentally friendly boat trip, to the Nordenskiöld glacier, and the fascinating Russian town Pyramiden.


Hybrid-electric catamaran to Barentsburg

Made for the future - join us today! In the summer of 2021,we launched a hybrid-electric catamaran to roam the Arctic waters. With our new vessel you can join an exciting and more environmentally friendly boat trip to the Russian settlement Barentsburg.


Sightseeing with electric bike - summer

Combine comfort and efficiency on our electric bike tour, enabling you to see a range of Longyearbyen's sights while getting close to nature. The birdlife is at its best during the summer months, and silently moving through the wilderness will bring you close to the action. Electric bicycles are the perfect way to explore the sealed and unsealed roads around Longyearbyen.


Hike to Sarkofagen

What could be better than experiencing the unique Arctic landscape from a mountain top? Surrounded by magnificent outlook in all directions, this is a hike you should not miss!


Hike to Foxfonna

Are you ready for views that will take your breath away? From Breinosa you will enjoy a fantastic outlook over Adventdalen and Isfjorden. A great trip for the active explorer.


From sea to summit

This is a great hike which gives you a different view to those you can experience close to Longyearbyen. We will jump in a boat and cross the Adventfjord, arriving at Revneset after about 10 minutes.


Fossil hunt with pack dog

Head back in time and hunt for the most unique Svalbard souvenirs! Hidden in the moraine near Longyearbreen, the closest glacier to town, we can find 60 million year old fossils.


Fossil hunting at Deltaneset

When you first fly into Longyearbyen, you will be greeted by the unique mountains that gave ‘Spitsbergen’ its name. The special formation of the peaks reveals horizontal layers through the mountains, whilst erosion creates vertical runs on the sides.


Boat trip to the Russian ruins of Grumant

Wilderness and history are both central to Svalbard as we know it today. An obvious example of this is Grumant, which was the largest settlement on post-war Svalbard, but which now lies abandoned at the foot of a 500m high cliff, covered with thousands of nesting birds.


Dogsledding on wheels

Many associate dog sledding with winter and freezing temperatures, but the dogs need exercise during the summer months as well, and our custom-built dog sledge on wheels is a perfect way for both two- and fourlegged to get out and enjoy the beautiful Svalbard scenery.


Dogsledding by the sea

Enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery whilst the guide drives the big wagon, pulled by strong sled dogs along the path to the west of Longyearbyen.


Evening cruise in Isfjorden

Join us on a beautiful evening tour on the Isfjorden. The midnight sun gives you many extra hours to enjoy the spectacular nature during summer, and this is the perfect evening activity. The sea is full of wildlife, and various sea birds will fly along the boat until they migrate back South again. Enjoy the magical evenings on board with us!


Walrus safari to Borebukta

Throughout history, the walruses on Svalbard have been subject to intense hunting. There were only a few hundred of them left in 1952, when they became a protected species. Since then, the population has recovered sharply and the walrus is finally a common sight again. Join us on a trip to the Borebukta bay, and pay a visit to these odd animals with long teeth! As with all wild animals, we cannot guarantee that we will see them, but the chances are good.


Isfjord safari to Coles Bay

With our open polar circle boats, we drive out on the fjord and set course for Coles Bay. The Arctic landscape is prominent, and it is impossible not to be captivated by the nature that surrounds the boat as it whizzes across Isfjorden. We pass the mining town of Grumant before turning into the sheltered Coles Bay. If the weather is good, we light a fire and have a small barbeque before returning to Longyearbyen. Welcome on board!


Glacier safari to Tempelfjorden and Tunabreen

Join us on a boat trip to the mighty Tuna- and Von Post Glacier in the heart of the Tempelfjord. Along the way we will pass ‘Villa Fredheim’, the home of the old local legend Hilmar Nøis. We also make a stop at the beautiful bird cliff Diabas, where we will get a close view of its thousands of nesting birds. On the north side of Sassenfjorden a fantastic view of the mountain Tempelfjellet awaits. All of this whilst seeing the glacier in the distance getting closer and closer.


Isfjord Safari - A taste of Svalbard

Join us on a tour on Isfjorden with an open, steady Polarcirkel boat. This tour takes you on a journey through the fascinating history of Svalbard and Spitsbergen. After getting well dressed, we head out on the fjord. The guide will decide the exact route according to the weather conditions. We visit places with cultural monuments that may have history from both Norwegian and Soviet mining operations.


Sea fishing in the arctic

The cod has come to Svalbard! Over the last few years the Isfjord near Longyearbyen has been teeming with cod in the late summer and autumn, and a fishing tour is fun for all. You don’t need a hunter’s licence or special permissions, just a good dose of luck!


Wilderness evening

Experience the magic of being in the wilderness at 78 degrees north! Our wilderness evening at Camp Barentz is a very special experience which you really should enjoy during your stay in Longyearbyen. As we leave town and drive into the Advent Valley your anticipation increases. The mountains on either side of the valley loom over us like giants, bathed in the midnight sun or glow of the short night. What awaits us at the end of the road?

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