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Christmas at Funken Lodge

Celebrate this year's Christmas just around the corner from the North Pole! Regardless if you travel alone or with someone, we invite you to make great new friends and memories for life. The programme offers the perfect mix of Arctic wilderness and Norwegian Christmas traditions. Experience the dark polar night, northern lights and cozy atmosphere in the northernmost permanent settlement in the world. You don't get closer to Santa Claus than this!

The package includes:

  • Flight to Svalbard, round trip from Oslo
  • Airport transfer in Longyearbyen
  • 5 nights at Funken Lodge, incl. breakfast
  • Cultural-historical sightseeing in Longyearbyen
  • 4-course group dinner in Funktionærmessen Restaurant
  • Northern Lights evening at Camp Barentz
  • Christmas porridge for lunch
  • Christmas dinner: A magnificent Christmas-inspired menu in Funktionærmessen Restaurant
  • Northern Lights hunting with snowcat
  • 4-course dinner at Restaurant Nansen

Travel date: 22.-27. December 2021

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Wednesday, 22 December

  • Arrival Longyearbyen. Hurtigruten Svalbard's tour guide welcomes you in the arrival hall. Transport to your accommodation Funken Lodge.

  • Cultural-historical sightseeing. A local guide takes you through Longyearbyen and its exciting history. You will visit the Svalbard Museum and the local Gallery. Topics that will be covered are history, geology, flora, fauna and today's society.

  • 4-course dinner in Funktionærmessen Restaurant. Possibility to enjoy cocktails in Funken Bar after dinner.

Thursday, 23 December

  • Breakfast is served in Funktionærmessen Restaurant

  • Day at your own disposal. Take a stroll in town, enjoy tax-free shopping, visit the local church, or just enjoy the atmosphere in Longyearbyen before we will spend the evening out in the wilderness. It is also possible to add excursions for those who would like:
    Northern Lights Hunting with Electric Snowmobile
    Dogsledding under the Northern Lights
    Hike to an Ice Cave

  • Decoration of the Christmas tree
  • Northern Lights evening at Camp Barentz including dinner, 3 h. More information below.

Friday, 24 December

  • Breakfast is served in Funktionærmessen Restaurant
  • Traditional Norwegian rice porridge is served for lunch
  • Christmas dinner: Magnificent party menu served in the Funktionærmessen Restaurant

Saturday, 25 December

  • Breakfast is served in Funktionærmessen Restaurant
  • Northern Lights hunting with snowcat, 3 h. More information below.
  • 4-course group dinner at Restaurant Nansen

Sunday, 26 December

  • Breakfast is served in Funktionærmessen Restaurant
  • Day at your own disposal

Monday, 27 December

  • Breakfast is served in Funktionærmessen Restaurant. Check out of rooms.
  • Transfer to the airport
  • Departure from Longyearbyen

Cancellation charges

For individual bookings; 1 – 9 participants in one booking:

  • Cancellation before issuing of airline tickets: NOK 300 per person
  • Cancellation after issuing of airline tickets: No refunds
  • Airline tickets can not be changed after issuing.

Stay at our boutique hotel Funken Lodge

Funken Lodge is our luxurious Arctic oasis where comfort and quality are in focus. The hotel is located in a historic setting and offers a unique Svalbard experience. The relaxed atmosphere allows you to unwind after long and exciting days outdoors. All rooms are beautifully decorated and our friendly staff will ensure you a wonderful stay.

With focus on high-quality ingredients and excellent service, the team in Funktionærmessen Restaurant welcomes you to a culinary experience. Here you will be served delicious menus with New Year's inspiration. The restaurant's wine list is impressive and the sommelier will help you find the perfect bottle for your preferences and meal.

Funken Lodge also houses its own Champagne cellar and a newly refurbished wine cellar. Here you can order private tastings - a unique and exclusive experience!

Northern Lights Evening at Camp Barentz

The Northern lights over Svalbard can be seen 24 hours a day during the polar night. Camp Barentz is perfectly located far away from all the light pollution, which offers the perfect conditions for experiencing Svalbard's magnificent nature and the northern lights. You will be picked up at the hotel by bus and driven out of town, towards the camp. As we arrive in front of the lovely wooden cabins, you will be greeted by your host for the evening.

Here you will be served something good to drink, delicious homemade reindeer stew, coffee and dessert. After dinner, it is time to learn a little more about the green magical lights on the sky. We gather around the fire, and the host will tell about the incredible phenomenon. If the conditions allow for it, we end the evening by experiencing the northern lights with our own eyes outside the cabin.

Northern Lights hunting with snowcat

Northern lights hunting with a snowcat is a nice and comfortable way to get out into the wild Svalbard nature. The trip is not physically demanding, and suits all ages and fitness levels. The guide takes you out of the city, away from Longyearbyen's lights, into the magical polar night. You drive across the frozen Advent valley, and there will be several stops along the way to look for the northern lights. We recommend wearing warm winter clothes so you can enjoy the northern lights outside if it shows up on the sky.

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