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Longyear78 Outdoor & Expeditions

It’s kind of like entering a candy shop, as you walk over the door stop and into Longyear78. Hats and gloves in rows, drink bottles and thermoses in clean lines, jackets and pants hang in colour coordinated sections and nearly scream ‘take me on a trip!’


In this magnificent shop you will find everything you might need to take a trip into Svalbard’s mighty wilderness, whether it is outer clothing and layers of wool, weapons for polar bear protection, or any other thing you might wish to fill your backpack with. Longyear 78 focuses on high quality. That means that the things you buy here will be part of your favourite gear for many years to come.


Svalbard doesn’t have any value added tax, and the prices on items in the shop are therefore a lot lower than on the mainland. Keep an eye out for our regular special offers on certain brands, and you might head home with a real steal!

Weapons and ammunition

We are licenced for rental and sales of weapons, ammunition and accessories for hunting and polar bear protection. A rental weapon can only be used for polar bear protection. Special permission or a weapons licence is required to hire a weapon (read more on the Sysselmann’s website).


Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 16:00
Sunday: 11:00 - 16:00

Contact Longyear78

Drop by for a nice chat or contact us:
Email: info@longyear78.com
Postbox 548
9171 Longyearbyen
Phone: +47 79 00 21 00

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