9 hours

Join Hurtigruten Svalbard on a very special expedition in August! Formerly, the reptile hunters have dug out the skeleton of one of the world's largest predator ever, a 13 meter long pliosaurus. Now the chase continues...

A unique expedition

Join Hurtigruten Svalbard on a very special expedition in August! A couple of years ago, the skeleton of one of the world's largest predators, a 13 meter long pliosaurus was dug out on Svalbard. Now you have the opportunity to experience this field work up close, and join reptile hunter and Professor Jørn Hurum in search of these fascinating animals that lived on Svalbard 240-140 million years ago.

150 million years back in time

The Pliosaurus, with a 2.5 meter long skull, lived on Svalbard 150 million years ago and was first located in 2006. Since then, Professor Jørn Hurum has led several excavations, and this autumn guests receive the unique opportunity to attend the field work in the hunt for more.

The trip goes to Vindodden and Ledalen with an open polar circle boat, and after a hike we meet the diggers for storytelling, lunch and excavation.


  • Transport to and from accommodation place in Longyearbyen
  • Exposure suit for the duration of the tour
  • Hot drinks and lunch
  • Tour leader/captain with safety equipment
  • Search and rescue insurance

Practical information

All tours are subject to weather conditions, and the route may be adjusted. From the end of August most birdlife leaves the islands, as these are migratory birds who search for warmer latitudes. The focus will then shift to the wildlife, landscape and history. Please note that the tour is in an open boat, and you may experience bumpy seas and sea spray. This tour is not recommended for those with back problems or who are pregnant.

Safety is our highest priority, and the guide needs to be able to give directions you understand. To participate on one of our excursions, it is required that you speak and understand English or one of the Scandinavian languages.



4- Demands good physical fitness, not suitable if you have limited mobility (steep, slippery and uneven terrain)

Age limit

8 years

Minimum number of participants

2 persons


9 hours

Per person

NOK 1795

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