On request

3 days

Join us for a fantastic backcountry weekend in Svalbard’s wild mountains. With our cosy cabin as a base, the possibilities are limitless!

Swish, swish. Can you hear the call of the powder on the untouched mountainsides?

Juva Cabin is situated in a beautiful area, where the valleys Adventdalen and Eskerdalen meet. The views from the cabin are stunning, especially towards Drønnbremassivet and Skolten, which at 1128m is the highest mountain in Nordenskiöldland. Juva Cabin, also known as ‘The Jewel’ is a gorgeous cabin which sleeps up to 10 people. Complete with a lounge room, kitchen and three bedrooms, there is plenty of space for small groups who wish to experience an exclusive stay in the midst of the wilderness.

We will use snowmobiles to reach the cabin, and they can also be useful in getting us closer to the mountains we will seek to conquer. In the stark Arctic landscape there are infinite options for magnificent downhill adventures. An experienced guide will join you on the trip, and be responsible for polar bear safety.


During the tour we will explore the mountains in the inner part of Adventdalen, and its side valleys. The area boasts peaks of up to 1128 metres, but most reach 700 - 900 metres high. A great variety of options are available, from steep downhill runs to broad sweeping slopes - perfect for big swings. The Arctic wilderness will be our untouched white canvas, and we will plan each day based on the weather, snow conditions and our sense of adventure!


A skiing trip in such an isolated area demands a level of skill and experience from the participants, to ensure that the trip can be run in a safe and enjoyable way. Participants must be able to manage downhill skiing without prepared slopes. Participants must only attempt backcountry skiing within their own limitations, and follow the guides instructions.

The plan for each day will vary, and will be adjusted to suit the snow, weather and the wishes and skills of the participants. Generally we would expect to hike 700-1000m of elevation each day and we may set up road trips and/or climb several peaks in the same trip. We will hike at a relatively relaxed tempo, in order to enjoy the surroundings and save our energy for the descent. Participants are expected to be well used to hiking with back country equipment.

Three days at a cabin with likeminded people provides fantastic opportunities for an incredible weekend. The guide will ensure that the group enjoys excellent skiing whilst keeping everyone safe. The goal for the expedition is safe backcountry experiences which showcase the best Svalbard has to offer. The end of April and May is the ideal time for alpine skiing on Spitsbergen. The sun never sets, and we can use that time of day when the weather is best. On the trip we can expect everything from lovely loose snow to silky soft spring weather - and we will of course always be hunting for the best powder!


Meals, drinks and accommodation during the tour
Shared equipment
Snowmobile with required equipment
Snowmobile clothing
Experienced guides with all necessary safety equipment
Search and rescue insurance

Not included:
Accommodation and meals in Longyearbyen
Personal travel insurance
Clothing and personal skiing equipment


For this tour you will need skiing equipment that is suited to backcountry. This means alpine touring skis (randonée) or powerful telemark gear. Split board is also an option if you are used to this equipment. Snowboard and snowshoes are not recommended, and the same applies for alpine skis with hiking adaptors (alpine trekkers). It is preferable that your gear has been tested before, but should not worn out. Personal safety equipment (spade, avalanche probe and avalanche beacon) is obligatory.

Middle width 83-95mm is most appropriate given the snow conditions and weight.
Tech-bindings are useful

We suggest light, adjustable poles with a medium sized baskets

To suit your skis
Ski crampons is not obligatory, but recommended for comfortable and secure hiking on hard snow.

You will receive a full packing list before departure. Remember that Svalbard is tax and duty free, so if you are missing something you can always purchase quality equipment in our stores.

Packing list

  • Bag or backpack for personal equipment. Please note: We have limited space on the snowmobile sleds. A waterproof duffel bag or a 40-60L rucksack is great to pack in. Suitcases are not recommended.
  • Licence to drive car or motorcycle
  • Suitcase/bag that can be left in Longyearbyen with clothes etc. that you don't need on the trip
  • Warm hat
  • Scarf or fleece neck/buff
  • 1-2 pairs of gloves or mittens (we recommend wool)
  • 2 sets of long underwear (long johns and top, we recommend wool)
  • Thick and warm wool sweater or fleece jacket/sweater
  • 3 pairs of thick woolen socks
  • 1 pair of warm and windproof trousers
  • Down jacket
  • 1-2 sets of comfortable clothes for use at the hotel and at the Juva Cabin
  • Sunglasses
  • Toiletries
  • Contact lenses (for those who wear glasses)
  • Indoor shoes for use at the hotel and at the Juva Cabin
  • Binoculars
  • Camera in waterproof case, extra memory card and battery charger
  • Sun and cold cream


Number of days

3 days


4 - Good physical fitness

Age limit

18 years

On request

3 days

What you should know
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