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Fancy a hike following the trappers footprint, or maybe you would prefer a trip with our strong dogsled teams from Green Dog? Here you'll find information on all our dark season activities.


Northern lights hunting with electric snowmobile

Shhh! Can you hear that? No? It is the sound of absolutely nothing. As you press the gas, the snowmobile starts moving and lights up the dark polar night. But ... the roaring noise from the motor is not there. The only thing to be heard is "the Arctic silence". The sound of absolutely nothing.

Join us on a whole new way to experience the mesmerizing polar night. Hop on an electric snowmobile!


Dogsledding under the northern lights

There is something raw and real about dog sledding. Be as one with the wilderness, as the powerful dogs pull you swiftly through the Arctic landscape.


Northern Lights Evening

Experience the magic of being out in the wilderness at 78 degrees north! Our northern lights evening at Camp Barentz is a very special experience that you really should enjoy during your stay in Longyearbyen. As we leave town and drive into the Advent Valley your anticipation increases. The mountains on either side of the valley loom over us like giants, hardly visible in the polar night - or bathed in moonlight and the green glow of the aurora. What awaits us at the end of the road?


Follow a trapper's footprints

Imagine the life of a huntsman or woman on Svalbard: the loneliness, the challenges and the incredible landscape. Imagine spending the dark months of the Polar Night in a tiny cabin, hidden away in a fjord, several days on foot from the next living soul. On this trip, you will gain an insight into the incredible challenges that the hunters faced, and perhaps you will understood the great affection they had for the wilderness, and why they wanted to live like this.

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