Bilde båt


Boat launch!

Hurtigruten Svalbard continues with innovative solutions in tourism and this time it is in collaboration with Marell Boat Sweden. For customers, it means an even better, closer and more sustainable experience in the Svalbard nature.

The agreement was signed in January this year, and already during September 2021, Marell will deliver a new, advanced sightseeing boat for testing. M15 Hurtigruten Svalbard will be able to take tourists on an experience closer to nature, glaciers and wildlife, without disturbing the surroundings.

It truly is something extraordinary to see Svalbard from a sea perspective. Every year, millions of seabirds flock to the archipelago, while whale species, seals and walruses also graze in the nutrient-rich Barents Sea. The scenic nature with glacier fronts and mountain formations frames it all perfectly.

The new vessel - which will start its official trips around 1 May 2022 - will be fuel- and energy-efficient, in addition to the interior and design solutions providing high comfort for our guests. There is room for 12 passengers plus two crew members, and the boat also has a spacious aft deck when scouting for wildlife. At transport, passengers sit safely and comfortably in double seats with seat belts.

Hurtigruten Svalbard has set requirements for comfort, warmth and low noise levels, and Marell Boat Sweden's engineers have used their industry knowledge and technological expertise to deliver on this.

The vessel is 14.5 meters long, and the construction meets all technical requirements for low resistance on the hull for the least possible environmental impact, while it is strong enough to withstand weight, sea and harsh Arctic conditions all the way down to minus 20 degrees.

Welcome to the trip with the M15 Hurtigruten Svalbard in the summer of 2022.

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